Dressing Up for Christmas

by Rosa Francesca



I want to dress you up this Christmas.
I want to wrap you up all warm,
and never let you go,
and walk out in the snow-
So darling, let's go

I want to take you out this Christmas,
in some cafe,
where frost lines every ledge of every old window,
and candles all are a-glow.
So darling, when can we go?

Two mitten gloves, two turtle doves
upon each shoulder of your coat.
The warmest warmth inside your scarf
across your heart, across your throat.
I do adore you,
and I can't ignore
that at this Christmastime this is what I want...

The darkest night can seem so bright,
just because it's this time of year.
A heart of coal, a hard, cold soul
can lighten, just knowing it's near-
the time undoing
the days once ruined
and replacing them with happiness.

So dear, let's enjoy this time together,
and try and make it last forevermore,
that's all that I require-
you're all that I desire,
so let us go.


released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Rosa Francesca Royal Leamington Spa, UK

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